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Transalign aims to raisen the success of clear aligners therapy in any type of cases ranges from nonextraction treatments to extraction and surgical therapy you can see that in our cases   All of this featured by the direct supervision of a consultant of orthodontics in the whole aspects of treatment (from bonding attachments to the last aligner) .

The clear aligners alternative to braces orthodontic treatment has become more effective and discreet than ever before, with clear aligner sometimes referred to as (invisible braces), becoming more popular with patients of all ages .

These customised, clear plastic, removable (clear aligners) are a subtle way of guiding the teeth into the right place to create a beautiful smile .

Many doctors all over the world draws beutiful smiles on thier customers using transalign aligners and the doctors use our unique portal to upload and follow up thier cases. Find your nearest transalign doctor now and start your journey to the pretty smiles town. for any debates don't hesitate to contact us.